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Your blog is very powerful tool. Make your own blog site, If you want to make a Profit from your blog you need a powerful marketing for your targeted audience in decent way. Give the proper information to your audience and not just hammering then with ads. In this article I try to give you an information that whatever I learn from my experience. So let’s start…

How to start my blog
First you can start with free blog hosting sites blogspot or any other you want. Starting with free blog services you need to understand how blog work. Get started with free blog you does not need to do any script writing or programming. It helps you to build your blog quickly. The very important thing is start with free blog service.
How to start a blog site for free simple, Create a blog on blogger is that you not loss anything if you not getting success. When you get more audience for your blog then you can easily move to custom domain and paid hosting.

Which topic I choose for blog 
Starting to blog selecting niche is very important part of your blog and it depends on service, topic or product. If you have any service to offer your audience or any particular product you have or select a topic which you can write a plenty of contents on that and shows your expertise in that field. Simply do the research on web which topic is trending on Internet. You can use Google Trend and do the keyword search in Google keyword planner. So the choice is yours you can select what you want but remember, if people want to hear from you then you easily create audience for your blog.

Create engaging contents
It is so important that you keep your audience engaging with your contents. Do consistent work daily. It helps your blog to gain a good audience. Doing consistent work keep your audience coming on daily basis to visit your blog. It helps you to get more traffic and keep your audience interest. So be creative and add interesting contents for your audience and keep your visitors to come again on your blog.

Getting traffic to your blog
Now you working on daily basis and generating useful contents for your blog but you are not getting traffic. Every bloggers have this question in their mind How to get traffic? If you thought that you have a plenty of good contents on your blog and not much but good audience for your blog then you can use other way to get more traffic. You can use paid marketing, search engine marketing, submit your blog to blog directory, submit your articles to various sites, give signature of your blog url in email. Telling your friends and family about your blog, Social bookmarking sites and much more.

Tracking your blog audience
So, How you know your blog is getting traffic. It is so important to track your blog. There are plenty of tracking tools available on Internet. I strongly recommend you Google Analytics. Track your visitors on which platform they use for visiting your blog Desktop or Mobile, Tablets. Which country they belongs, age group, gender and many more factors you have to know for improvements of your site. Very important point is that improve your website speed for desktop and mobile. Many users leave your websites in 5 seconds if your website loading time is slow. You can use speed improvement tools like Google mobile friendly test, Google page insights. So optimize your website properly.

Keep interacting with your audience
If your audience have any question and they ask you to solve that query. You must be honest with your audience and give them a proper solution for their queries. It helps you to gain more trust and stable audience for your blog. If you not have any solution for their queries then honestly tell them. So now you having your stable audience be honest with them and always tell them your personal experience and knowledge you gain in your journey.

Now it’s time to make money
Now you having a perfect blog with plenty of creative contents. You having good and stable audience. Getting more traffic day by day. Now it’s time to monetize your blog with advertisements. Every blogger first choice is Google Adsense but there are many contextual ads network available on Internet like Chitika, Adotic, Adhits. You can sell your blog space to advertisers like buying and selling ads space for pay per click or pay per impression. You can also sell Affiliate products that match your blog topic like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay and earn commission. So get ads on your blog and start making money.

Now Show you are serious in your business
Now you have a great blog with increasing traffic good audience and also with advertisements running on it. It’s time to say bay to your free blog hosting. Buy perfect domain name, paid hosting, design your blog more effectively. Show now you are a professional blogger.

So, these are the points that I learn in my blogging journey, now start your own blog and show your passion as well. Best website to start a blog is Blogger...

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