Monday, 19 June 2017


 Now you make your own blog site. It's time to write your first post. First select the topic that you know well and able to write plenty of information on your blog. You can select   any type of niche such as Education, Technology, Health, Music and many more.
  Write regular post on your blog. So readers are know that you have plenty of information about specific subject and they visit your blog again. So I hope that you select topic that you know well.

Write a professional post and give a information that really help others. Do not copy and paste others contents. This activity shows that your are not serious in your job. So avoid copying others materials.
It is intellectual property theft. It is so important to be honest with your job.

So now let's begging your blogging
  Write your first post professionally. Create pages on your blog such as About me,Privacy Policy, Contact me. This pages are well written, and give a good idea about you in your readers mind.

Custom Domain name
  If you can afford the domain name then buy the best domain name that suits your blog subject. If you using custom domain for your blog then it shows that you are professional in your business. It's give you a better impression.

Using images in your blog
  It is very important that you can use a images with your post. Images shows the uniqueness of the post and give quick understanding about the subject. Always use the images that permits to publish for using in blog or some wear other on Internet.

Selecting professional theme for your blog
 Select a simple and professional theme that attract readers to your blog. The theme is simple in design and not create any confusion in your readers mind. Search for the theme on web or create your own or buy theme.

Promoting your Blog
  Now it's time to promote your blog. Reach to more readers so, people can know that you have a blog. Promote your blog url in social media, whatsapp, commenting in other websites or blog. Give your blog url in your email signature and many more way's.
  Just keep the traffic come into your blog url. If you successfully drive the  traffic on your blog then it is possible that you able to build your own audience.

So, this all things are really important for your blog. So best of luck.