Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Now you have created your first blog, writing useful post on your blog set a beautiful template and you getting good traffic on your blog. Now it’s time to set a custom domain name for your blogspot blog. If your blog having good number of page views then you must buy a perfect domain name for your blog.

Why set custom domain for your blog
  The custom domain name give your blog a professional look, the visitors that visit your blog they assume that you are a serious blogger. The custom domain give you a good impression on social media platforms as well. Now it’s time to spend some bux on buying domain name. Get your domain name from top domain registrar like Godday, Bigrock and many others.

Where to buy domain name
  There are many registrars on the web, you can buy domain name from them. Look for the top level domain extensions for your blog. The better domain name give your blog a new era of profit.
Setting custom domain in your blogspot blog
Now open your blogger dashboard.
Click on your blog.
Click on setting.
In the basic option.
Now you saw in publishing section your blog url is showing.
Click on “set up 3rd party URL for your blog”.
Now you can see the blank field in Third party domain settings.
Now enter your domain name with “www” prefix.
Click on Save.

Now it’ time to set up some technical information for your domain that google verify you are the owner of this domain.
Setting a CNAME record
Go to your domain registrar and select your domain setting.
Find the option “DNS Management” setting.
Click on CNAME record. Click on Add Record.
Enter the two record in your CNAME that google gives for your blog.

Setting up A records
Like this you need to fill up these four A Record in your registrar A Record section.

  Now come to your blogger and click on save wait for few minutes (30 minutes) and click on save. If everything is ok then its last step to do now.
Now you saw that your custom domain shows in the box.
Just click on edit option again and check the box and save the changes.
Now you can successfully redirect your blogspot blog to your custom domain name.
This process is look technical but you follow this steps carefully then it is so easy to do that.

Congratulation, now you have a custom domain for your blog…