Saturday, 17 June 2017


Now you have your own blogspot blog. It's time to earn from blog. Let's see how to earn from your blog. There are many way's to earn money from blog, But here we discuss about how to monetize your blog contents for profit.

Now how does blogging make money.
- Google Adsense.
- Affiliate Marketing.
- Sell your own product.
- Various other Ads Networks.
- many more....

So, Now we discuss about google adsense.
    Google adsense is very popular way to monetize your blog contents. Adsense scan the keywords on your blog and displayed the ads related to  your topic and keywords. This is the very high paying ads network compare to other. But applying for adsense account and getting approve is not is task you strictly follow the  adsense policy and term and conditions.

  Affiliate Marketing is really high paying job. Just select the right product for your blog topic and place the product link in your blog posts. If someone buy the product from your given link then you get the commission for that sell. There are many affiliate programs on Internet but most popular are Commission Junction, Clickbank etc.

Now if you have your own product such as software, Ebook etc. You can sell your own product or service on your blog. To sell your own product you need online payment getaway or fund transfer service such as Paypal, Payaza etc.

 There are many other ads network available on Internet to monetize your blog some are chitika, adshits, buy sell ads, infolink and many more. you can apply this networks.

Now you have basic idea about how to earn money from your blog.

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