Tuesday, 27 June 2017


How to get free money on Google Opinion Rewards
 Yes, Google Opinion Rewards app by Google launch in India. Simply give your opinion and earn free google play credits. This app is base on small survey question that Google send directly to your app and every survey you completed successfully you can earn a certain amount of google play credits. You can spend this credits on Google play store for buying apps or other useful contents on play store. It's fun and earn..

 These are quick surveys and you only need to give a very simple answered. This survey was created  by Google Consumer Surveys.

How to sign up?
- Go to Google play store.
- Download the app "Google Opinion Rewards".
- Just sign up using your Gmail account.
- Fill the basic information about you.
- Answer some simple questions and that's it.

When I receive survey?
 After opening account in Google Opinion Rewards you have to wait for some day's. Google validating your account. It takes around a week to receive paid survey. So be relax and wait for your survey.

How much I will earn?
 After Google successfully validating your account then  you are able to receive paid survey. The amount you earn is depending on the region you live. Google have different cash out for different country. If you live in India then Google give you Rs.10 for every survey.

What is the frequency of survey I receive?
 Well Google say's that you can receive one survey in a week but that was not sure. Depending on which country you live the survey and the amount is varies. When the survey is available for you then you can receive a notification on your mobile.

How to spend this credits?
 It's really simple. Go to Google play store and choose the paid Apps, Games and any other content you want to buy and at the time payment simply spend your Google Opinion Rewards credits.

So, Go and download Google Opinion Rewards and start earning your credits NOW...