Monday, 19 June 2017


Do It Yourself
 Best website to start a blog is Blogger, now blogger platform give you a awesome tool. You can design, edit, change setting in your template. The well design template really give a professional look to your blog. In this post we discus about How to design your template yourself. So let's start...

Steps to design your template
- Templates
  Go to template tab in your blog. Here you can saw the different template options. So select the template of your choice and click on customize.

- Background
  In this option you can change the color of your theme. A very beautifully you can select a color pattern to your blog subject. Also you can use the background image option and choose a perfect image for your blog. The images are well sorted here as per the subject.

- Layout
 - Body Layout- In this section. You can select the options like 2,4 columns  also you can select how the sidebar of template looks like eg. left or right.

-Footer Layout- In this section you can select how you blog footer look like in real blog. You can select the columns for your footer.

- Adjust Width- In this option you can select the length and width of your columns. So it is very helpful when you want to put some advertisement in your blog.

- Advanced- This is very awesome tool. In this option you can change the color, fonts,font size according to your need.

So the template design tool give us a very useful customization options with the help of this tool we can design our template like professional. Also our readers experience the simple and superb design.

Responsive Template
 Select a responsive template for your blog because responsive template adjust it self by any screen resolution and size. Your blog displayed well on any devices like Desktop, Mobile, Tablet.

So choosing a best template for your blog is very important..So always choose simple and professional design  for your blog.